Europe needs an alternative
The European Community has developed into an undemocratic construct occupied by political actors and shaped by non-transparent, uncontrolled bureaucracies
No EU Army
To preserve the sovereignty of the fatherland, Germany's defensive capability must be restored without delay. To this end, the most serious deficiencies and problems within the current personnel and equipment of the German armed force must first be solved. Then, the current structures must finally be consolidated and modernized to ensure the force is fit for the future
No bottomless pit
No liability for EU banks. No EU taxes and no EU ministry of finance
No to social union
The uncontrolled mass immigration of insufficiently qualified people to Germany and other EU countries must be stopped
Recently there have been a number of articles in the press filled with outrageous accusations against myself and my party regarding some football fans and Russian oligarchs.

I can assure you that these allegations are categorically unfounded and false. I don’t know who is behind these supposed 'investigations', but their goal is obvious- to injure our party's chances in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections and in turn, our chances of regaining control of our country's borders in the face of the threat of Russian aggression.

With regard to the purchase of a certain footballer, I would like to say: yes, a talented player has indeed been purchased for less than his market value, but that was purely because that was the price set by his club. The deal was completely legitimate and in accordance with all UEFA standards. It is true that the player in question is from Russia, but I firmly believe that sport and politics should be kept separate, which is consistent with the direction and values of our party.

The sole purpose of this acquisition is to further strengthen the team of our home city and bring it onto the European stage.

What have you done for our city, Mr. Notebeck?!

Adam Nockland